Monday, September 25, 2006


V Annamalai teaches English at a high school in Vridhachalam, Tamil Nadu. He made his mark on the Tamil Literary Scene with his very first novel, Koveru Kazhuthaigal, published in 1994, which created heated debates on issues like the role of a Dalit writer in the context of oppression seen within the Dait community.
He is a recipient of the Agni Akshara Award, the Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers' Association Award and the Amutham Adigal Award.
Arumugam is his second novel.
"Imayam is one of the first Tamil writers to bring the dalits to life through his exquisite novels ..."
- Sundara Ramaswamy
Imayam’s work “Arumugam” has been translated from Tamil by D Krishna Ayyar, for Katha.


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