Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Indira Goswami

Also known as Mamoni Raisom Goswami, a celebrated name in the field of Asomiya literature, blends scholarliness with creativity. Writing from a very early age, she prefers to soak up the environment of the topic she is writing on – even if it means staying at Brindavan to research for her doctoral thesis or camping at the Kamakhya temple in Assam to gather first-hand experience for her novel. She has travelled extensively both within India and abroad.

She balances the intensive and extensive research for her writings with a full-fledged teaching job at the University of Delhi where she is the Head of the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies. She has written several novels, hundreds of short stories and a number of research papers. Her works have been extensively translated into various bhashas including English. Several feature films, television serials, telefilms and stage plays have been adapted from her novels and short stories.

Her voluminous work, Ramayana from Ganga to Brahmaputra was released by the former President Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma. She has received the International Tulsi Award on the occasion of International Conference on “Tulsi Das and His Works” from the Florida International University, Florida , USA.

She has been honoured with several national and international awards including the Jnanpith Award, Sahitya Akademi Award, Bharat Nirman Award, Assam Sahitya Sabha Award, Katha Award for Creative Fiction, the Kamal Kumari Foundation Award and the International Jury Award for the film Adarya based on her novel Une Khowa Hawda.

Her latest release from Katha: "The Man from Chinnamasta" translated by Prashant Goswami, from Asomiya.

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